Q - Do you have FIAMMA Dealers in my area?

A - We supply any RV dealership, repair shop or store throughout the US and Canada. Your dealer can contact us for parts, products or technical support.


Q - Can I purchase parts or products directly from FIAMMA?

A - Yes, you can purchase directly from FIAMMA. Purchases can also be made online from our website for a selected list of products and spare parts.


Q - What information do I need before calling to order awning parts?

A - We have several models of awnings and need to know what model and size awning you have. The model can be found on the FIAMMA decal on the front of the awning (example: F45S, F45i, F45Ti). The size can be determined by measuring the awning, in the closed position, from the outside of one end to the outside of the other end (entire awning). The F45 and F65 awnings have a serial number sticker located on the right spring loaded lateral arm with the model and size of the awning marked in case the front Decal is missing. The F35 awning has the serial number sticker located on the underside of the roller tube.


Q - Will your awnings fit my application?

A - We have multiple brackets developed that will allow our awnings to be mounted to almost any vehicle, camper, truck camper, trailer, van camper (Class B), mini camper (Class C) as well as brackets that will mount to roof racks such as used on SUVs. Also we have developed brackets to mount our F65 awning to the model Sprinter vans.


Q - Do you install or repair awnings at your facility?

A - No, you can use any RV dealership or repair shop. They can contact us for parts, products or technical support.


Q - What is the difference between the F45, F65 and F35 awnings?

A - The F45 and F65 awnings are our best sellers of awnings. The F45 awnings are designed to mount on the side of the vehicle and the F65 awnings are designed to mount on roofs or curved surfaces. However, we do have brackets that will mount F45 awnings to curved surfaces and roofs as well. These awnings are easy to open and close simply by turning a crank handle. The F35 awnings operate by rolling the awning out and in manually much like a bag awning only they are in an aluminum housing. They do not have the inherent problems that bag awnings have such as bag and zipper deterioration or the awning tearing away from the bag. The F35 is an excellent alternative to bag awnings and perfect for small, light weight campers, trailers, pop-ups, SUV's etc. The F35 awnings use the same high quality fabric as our top of the line F45 and F65 awnings. They are lighter and less expensive.


Q - Do you have a Privacy Room or Screen Room that attaches to your awnings?

A - Yes, we have Privacy Rooms that will attach to most of our awnings but not all. They have clear vinyl windows that roll up with large screen windows underneath.


Q - Do your awnings come with support legs?

A - Yes, support legs are included with all of our F45 and F65 awnings from the 2.5m (8'4") awning and larger and all F35 awnings. They are attached permanently to the awning and fold up inside of the housing when the awning is closed. The F45 2.2m (7'2") awnings and smaller and our roof mount Eagle 66 awnings do not have support legs.


Q - Do the support legs go straight down to the ground or back to the vehicle?

A - The support legs can be secured straight down to the ground or back to the vehicle using the wall mount brackets included with every awning.


Q - Do FIAMMA awnings include a center rafter?

A - Not all. The F45 awnings from 3.0m (10') and larger and F65 awnings from 4.0m (13'1") and larger include center rafters with the awnings. Rafters are available as an option for the smaller awnings except the 2.2m (7'2") F45 awnings and smaller.


Q - How far can I extend the awning?

- You can roll the awning out all the way or stop at any distance you prefer. When the awning is fully extended the fabric will sag slightly. It should be rolled back in slightly to tighten the fabric.


Q - Are the spring loaded lateral arms supposed to be straight when the awning is fully extended?

A - No. The lateral arms are designed to have a slight bend in them even when the awning is fully extended. NO DOT PUSH ON THE LATERAL ARMS TO ATTEMPT TO STRAIGHTEN THEM WHEN THE AWNING IS FULLY EXTENDED. This will damage the arms and your awning will not close properly.


Q - Do you have Tie Down Kits or any other products to help secure the awning in case of light to moderate winds?

A - Yes. We highly recommend using FIAMMA’s Tie-Down Kit and/or our FIAMMASTORE Plates to help secure the support legs to the ground. Wind is an enemy to the awning and any added security is a wise decision.


Q - Can I use my awning to protect me from the rain?

A - Our awnings are designed to shelter you from the sun and not the rain. Therefore we highly recommend closing the awning in case of rain, snow or winds. In case of light to moderate rains, install the center rafter, lower one leg and raise the other to allow for water runoff. If it is raining hard enough for water to pool on the fabric, roll it in! Water pooling can stretch the fabric causing the awning not to close properly. Stretched or damaged fabric due to water pooling or any type of storm damage is not covered under warranty.


Q - Does your fabric rot or mildew?

A - No. The fabric does not rot or mildew however mildew does grow on dirt. To avoid this, clean your fabric as needed with a mild dish washing detergent.*


Q - What can be used to clean my fabric?

A - You can use a mild dish washing detergent. If the fabric has become excessively soiled, a mild dish washing detergent can be applied and the awning rolled in. Allow to soak overnight to dissolve the dirt. The next morning roll the awning out, hose off and allow to dry before rolling it back in.


Q - What maintenance should I perform on my awning?

A - We recommend lubricating the spring loaded lateral arms at the elbows and at both ends every six months with a spray lubricant. Use silicone or a similar product to keep the awning running smooth and free. Also, we recommend lubricating the swivel joints at the top of the legs.


Q - How can I contact you directly?

A - FIAMMA, Inc can be reached by email

For sales information please contact :sales@fiammausa.com

For technical information please contact :techservice@fiammausa.com

For service and parts information please contact :parts@fiammausa.com