End user warranty

End user warranty


1. If the claim is covered under warranty, FIAMMA reserves the right to decide whether to repair or replace the covered part(s) determined to be defective.

2. In case of defects with regards to materials and manufacturing, the customer is entitled to the warranty in accordance with local laws and regulations of the country in which the product was purchased.

3. The FIAMMA warranty covers claims for damages that are due to defective material or production failures.

4. The warranty is not valid under the following circumstances: natural wear of the product, if proper installation instructions have not been followed, in cases of negligence or improper use, if non original FIAMMA spare parts have been used, if the damage comes from transporting the product with improper packaging not authorised by FIAMMA, in the case of intervention by a non qualified person, or when the end user or anybody else has modified the product without the proper authorisation of FIAMMA.

5. The claim should be submitted to the supplier, from which the product was originally purchased. It is vital to always provide the following information: serial number of the product, proof of purchase (FIAMMA could ask for a copy) and a precise description of the damage (together with some digital photos to help substantiate the claim). In the case of false or incomplete information, FIAMMA reserves the right to refuse the claim.

6. FIAMMA reserves the right to ask for return of the products in order to verify the warranty claim. The cost and risks/insurance of transportation is to be paid by the client.
If the warranty request is then verified, FIAMMA will pay for the transport, i.e. cost of sending and returning the part, as well as costs for repairing/replacing the part.
If the warranty claim is not accepted, the cost of repair and replacement of the part or product, as indicated beforehand by the client, will be paid by the client.