Rafter: and the fabric is always perfectly tensioned

Rafter in aluminium keeps the fabric tensioned, eliminates water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. Easy to install without damaging the awning.
Delivered as standard with special wall clips for handy storage inside the vehicle. Complete with rubber ends so as to be installed on other awning brands.

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RAFTER Adjustable length: 142-265 cm.
Suitable for extensions up to 250cm. and for length up to 550 cm. Suitable for all box awnings.
RAFTER F35 Tension rafter to strengthen your manual awning (F35pro).
Item Description Price
98655A001 Rafter $59.00
03888-01- Rafter F35 $41.00
98655-716 Magicrafter $99.00
98655-850 Rafter LED $123.00
98655-902 Rafter LED Caravanstore $114.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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