awning motorization

Motor Kit for Fiamma F45s, F45L, F65s and F65L Fiamma offers you the optional 12V Motor Kit that can be installed on your awning even after mounting.
The Motor Kit also allows manual opening and closing in override mode. The standard Motor Kit extends the total length of the awning by about 13cm; while the integrated Motor Kit doesn’t increase the total length of the awning.

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Item Description Price
06275-01- Motor Kit F45s - Polar White $562.00
06275-01T Motor Kit F45s - Titanium $562.00
06536-01- Motor Kit F65s - Polar White $562.00
06536-01B Motor Kit F65s - Deep Black $562.00
06536-01T Motor Kit F65s - Titanium $562.00
05725-01- Motor Kit F65 - Polar White $581.00
05725-01T Motor Kit F65 - Titanium $581.00
04834A01- Motor Kit F45 Oasis Left Fully Automatic Polar White $266.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
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