Pro Series

CARRY-BIKE Pro Series.
Flexibility and sturdiness. The combination of sturdiness and style taking the range forwards.

Selection guide

Suitable for all types of motorhomes.
Position To be installed on the back wall of your motorhome. Pro C is specially designed to fit below the rear window.
Capacity Two bikes carried as standard, up to 4 with extra Rails and Bike-Blocks optional.
Max load 60 kg.
Rails Two Rail Quick delivered as standard which can carry any sort of bike and can also slide horizontally for easy positioning of the bikes.
Bike-Block Pro Bike-Block Pro 1 and 3 delivered as standard. Bike-Block 2 and 4 optional for extra bikes.

PRO C The compact and classic bike carrier, the short version of the Pro line which is installed under the rear window whilst still allowing it to open.
It is installed under the rear window while still allowing it to open. The Carry-Bike Pro C can be installed on all types of motorhomes. It is highly recommended by experts in the industry as the strongest bike carrier on the market. Delivered with patented Zoom-4-Bikes strenghtened rail support that can carry up to two additional rails.
Carries up to 60 Kg. New up-to-date model with lower fixing kits with elegant Kit Support Bar provided with screws and counter plates for more flexibility of installation: the screws can slide over the bar to be adjusted to the different wheel bases.
PRO This telescopic bike carrier, is the longest version of the Pro series, and has a highly adjustable upper structure for better stability. The rounded tube structure is easily adjustable from 80 to 150cm in height to fit different installation requirements.
PRO E-BIKEE-Bike version of Pro model, with height-adjustable structure from 80 to 150cm.
PEO C E-BIKEE-Bike version of Pro C model, with height-adjustable structure from 40 to 50cm.
Item Description Price
02094-09A Carry-Bike PRO (Mounting brackets included) $497.00
02094-10A Carry-Bike PRO C (Mounting brackets included) $497.00
02094B12A Carry-Bike PRO E-Bike $399.00
02094B13A Carry-Bike PRO C E-Bike $399.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Carry-Bike PRO (Mounting brackets included) Carry-Bike PRO C (Mounting brackets included) Carry-Bike PRO E-Bike Carry-Bike PRO C E-Bike
Vehicle type Motorhome Motorhome Motorhome Motorhome
Vehicle rear window no yes yes yes
Weight / Max load 8,4 / 60 kg 7,9 / 60 kg 10,4 / 60 kg 9,9 / 60 kg
Bikes carried standard / max 2/4 2/4 2/2 2/2
TÜV yes yes yes yes
Bike-Block Pro 1
Bike-Block Pro 2
Bike-Block Pro 3
Bike-Block Pro 4
Bike-Block Pro S 1    
Bike-Block Pro S 2    
Rail Quick Pro x2 x2 x2 x2
Security Strip
Rail Premium x2 x2
print print print print
Standard Optional

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