Designed for van conversions with double rear doors. Easy installation
Bike Carriers for van conversions with double rear doors.  
For the installation of the bike rack drilling is necessary but only for the 4 security screws.  
The rear door can be opened without removing the bicycles.
Selection guide
200 DJ Sprinter For right rear door, mounting with Fixing Bar, equipped with Rail Premium.
Frame SprinterTo carry 3 bikes for Mercedes Sprinter ≥ 2018 - high roof and super high, allows mounting of the rail support in 3 positions: standard, middle and low.
Item Description Price
02093B93A Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter > 06/2006 $813.00
02093A93A Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter > 06/2006 Deep Black $866.00
02094-40A Carry-Bike Frame Sprinter E-Bike $1,576.00
02094A40A Carry-Bike Frame Sprinter E-Bike Deep Black $1,681.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter > 06/2006 Carry-Bike Frame Sprinter E-Bike
Vehicle type Van Conversion Van Conversion
Rear double door yes yes
Weight 9 kg 19,9 kg
Max capacity 35 kg 50 kg
Bikes carried standard / max 2/2 2/2
Bike-Block Pro S 1  
Bike-Block Pro S 2  
Bike-Block Pro S D1   x2
Security Strip
Rail Premium x2 x2
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